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This year, we showcased an extraordinary array of audio equipment, including the North American debut of the Accuphase A80, C2300 Preamp, Lumin U2 Streamer, PS Audio FR20 Speakers, and P20 Power Conditioners.

PMC revealed the Prodigy series speakers, and there was a North American preview of the PS Audio Gold Stellar DAC and Preamp, alternating with the PS Audio M700 and AudioNote UK Cobra.

In our AudioNote UK room, we featured a Level 3 system with live music, creating an immersive experience.

Additionally, we presented Eversolo and Triangle products in dynamic setups, along with a spotlight on portable IFI and FiiO products.

The positive reviews we received further underscored the success of our exhibition.

Motet Distribution scouts the world to bring audio retailers brands of the highest musicality and value. It seeks dependable specialized manufacturers that offer superlative audio products designed with passion and care. Music lovers and audiophiles can experience music in an unprecedented way.

Motet Distribution does not sell directly to the public.