Audio Note (UK) unveiled its inaugural integrated amplifier, the OTO PP, back in 1991. What sets this amplifier apart is not just its enduring design but also the remarkable longevity of the company. Remarkably, more than 25 years later, you can still acquire the same model, crafted entirely in their Sussex-based factory in England.

In an industry where manufacturers and their products often come and go, Audio Note (UK) has not only endured but has emerged as Europe’s largest and most esteemed producer of ultra-performance valve-based home audio systems.

Distinguishing itself further, the company is among the select few that provide comprehensive, in-house designed, and manufactured systems. Whether it’s the turntable’s cartridge, the cables and amplification, or the drive units in the loudspeakers, every component is meticulously crafted by Audio Note (UK) in their factories across the UK and Europe.

With a diverse array of options, Audio Note (UK) caters to the varied preferences of music enthusiasts. The current catalogue boasts over 150 distinct products, ranging from cost-effective solutions to complete systems that redefine performance standards and challenge one’s expectations of sound quality.