Music, a life’s refreshing oasis.

Music has the power to soothe, excite, and exhilarate, enriching our lives—a goal pursued by Accuphase through cutting-edge audio technology.

The inception of the slogan “Enrich Life through Technology” united a group of highly skilled audio experts, giving rise to the successful Accuphase line. This philosophy guides all Accuphase components, characterized by their extravagant quality. Similar to prized musical instruments, we believe audio components deserve the same distinction, forming the basis of our design concept. We strive to infuse extra value into each unit, showcasing the merits of hand construction.

The name ACCUPHASE stems from combining “accurate” with “phase,” reflecting the brand’s commitment to precision in audio technology. Our pursuit of quality rejects mass production systems, resulting in limited production and availability only in specialized stores.

Accuphase equipment transcends market trends, focusing on true high-fidelity sound reproduction. This commitment ensures the long-run production of our products.

Manufacturing Excellence

Crafted for flawless sound

In audio equipment, electronic parts, mechanical components, circuit topology, and mechanical structure each contribute unique sonic characteristics. The sonic character defines a product’s value, making audio equipment from different manufacturers vary in music reproduction nuances. Accurately measuring these differences remains a challenge, as human ears are the ultimate tools.

When designing a product, we envision a specific sound and guide our decisions on circuit topology, parts selection, and construction. Achieving the desired sonic concept may require adjustments through altering part combinations, physical layouts, and other factors. This sonic tuning process is unique to quality audio equipment, setting it apart from the development of other home electric products. Accuphase dedicates significant time to repeated listening tests, equal to the technical development phase.

Unlike industries where running changes are common for cost reduction or performance improvement, Accuphase never alters a product during production. We preserve the decisive prototype that determines sound quality and meticulously check every subsequent product against this reference. This practice ensures consistent, uncompromised sound quality from the first to the last unit produced.