Established in 1991 by Peter Thomas of the BBC and Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch, PMC emerged at the intersection of expertise and an unwavering love for music. This dynamic duo gave birth to PMC’s inaugural masterpiece, the BB5-A—an active main studio monitor coveted by industry giants like BBC Maida Vale, Metropolis Mastering, and embraced by luminaries such as Prince, Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland Studio, and classical labels like Decca and Harmonia Mundi.

PMC’s groundbreaking design is the go-to reference worldwide, gracing the realms of Hospital HDTV Broadcast London and earning accolades from renowned composers like Henry Jackman, Thomas Newman, Tyler Bates, and John Debney, who have sculpted iconic movie themes using PMC.

Notably, PMC stands among the elite, holding an Emmy® for their outstanding contribution to recording excellence. In the film domain, PMC is practically synonymous with success—think Titanic, Mission Impossible, Captain Phillips, Pearl Harbor, Game of Thrones, Iron Man 1 & 2, Skyfall, Spiderman 1,2,3, Pirates of the Caribbean, and an extensive list of other blockbusters.

PMC’s dominance extends across premier mastering houses, broadcasters, and the professional landscape at large. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that a superior loudspeaker should faithfully convey the artist’s intentions without introducing any distortion—a perfect solution for both studio and home environments.


PMC is one of the few audio equipment manufacturers to have won an Emmy for their contributions to recording technology. PMC has been the proud recipient of many awards over the years from all of the most respected publications in the professional audio and hi-fi markets.


PMC loudspeakers are extremely detailed and sound natural – like the musicians are in the room with you.

The sound they produce covers a massive area, so wherever you sit you still hear everything.

You can listen at low level and still hear bass – Ideal for low level or late night listening.


We believe a good loudspeaker should be able to relay the purest intentions of the artist without colouration – The ideal solution for both studio & home.