TRIANGLE has been designing, making and assembling high-quality speakers for over 35 years with one goal to develop loudspeakers reproducing the core emotion of music with increasing precision and vitality.


Since the very beginning, TRIANGLE has made technological research and innovation its principal priorities, with the aim of offering music-lovers a natural sound of the highest quality.

An enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians, constantly seeking to improve and innovate, are part of what makes TRIANGLE loudspeakers unique. Each component is designed, engineered and developed, according to technical innovations and solutions, that are exclusive to TRIANGLE.


TRIANGLE was awarded 18 gold Diapasons for its no compromise sound reproduction quality, that embodies the beauty and emotion of music.


TRIANGLE’s philosophy is to design and build speakers reproducing a lively and dynamic sound that puts you in the universe of your favourite artist from the first tone. Always looking for innovations, our team has a genuine desire to make you feel the music intensely and find yourself at the heart of a concert.

When you really feel a “live” experience, the music is taken to a new dimension; the soundstage opens, the musicians stand in front of you, each instrument is distinguished accurately and the music gives you the chills