Toronto TAVES - 2017

TAVES 2017


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Robert DEUTSCH  | OCT 21, 2017


PMC speakers are widely used in professional (studio) settings--not surprising, given that the company's full name is The Professional Monitor Company, However, for various reasons, they have not made comparable inroads in home (audiophile) markets. According PMC's Miles Roberts, shown in the photo leaning on the $CAD40,800/pair PMC MB2se, PMC is working now to change that. Their speakers certainly look like they mean business, and, as far as I could tell in a very brief listen, the system, with Hegel electronics, sounded fine.





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TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2017


10-16-2017  |  By Malcolm J. Gomes   | Issue 93


Next up was the Altronics/Stereo 2000 Room where Miles Roberts demoed the system which consisted of the PMC MB2 se Speakers (C$40,800) Hegel H30 Preamp (C$9000), Hegel H30 Power Amplifier (C$20,000), HD30 DAC (C$6000), Mohican CD Player (C$6000), and Lumin U1 Transport (C$7950). The rack was Stillpoints ESS34-20-4/Ultra 6 (C$24,419), and the cables, interconnects and power cords were from XLO. The sound in this room was quite impressive with very tuneful bass, smooth highs and well-saturated, lush midrange.



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