February 2015


Listen to 'Motets' Bach performed by RIAS-Kammerchor - and you'll hear everything we admired in A1, only more superlatives."


Furthermore, as is the case with the younger model, S1 does not force you to revise your collection in favour of high-resolution.


The Hong Kong company has surprised us all by creating a role model for other High End network player manufacturers


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January 2015


Award for LUMIN S1


Famous Taiwanese Magazine Audio Art has awarded LUMIN S1 "BEST VALUE OF THE YEAR 2015".



February 2015


Audio Excellence Award 2015


LUMIN has been awarded 2 awards in the influential Japanese awards from the publisher of several prestigious Japanese magazines, ONGEN.


LUMIN S1 has been presented with an award in the Network Audio Player category.


LUMIN L1 has been has been presented with an award in the Other NetAudio Related Equipment category.



January 2015


AWARD FOR LUMIN S1 - Red Fingerprint


Polish Magazine High Fidelity have published their LUMIN S1 review and awarded it their coveted Red Fingerprint award.


During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

Altogether Lumïn delivers a certain type of performance that one might like or not, but that is amazingly involving and that can be described only as: beautiful.


One just plays the music and flows with it or gets immersed in it... one simply doesn't care and enjoys it as much as possible because it might take a while before one encounters another such wonderfully sounding device.


What Lumïn delivers in full scale is something that audiophiles rarely even get a glimpse of – the cardinal value of music – emotions it provides listeners with.


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September 2014


After living with LUMIN S1 for 3 months, Mike Bovaird, founder of the Audioshark Forums has published his review.


Focussing mainly on the comparison with his own LUMIN A1, Mike says...

I would sum it up this way, the A1 is warmer, more analog sounding. The S1 is sweeter, sharper. But at the end of the day, both are exceedingly musical.

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